One Hanson Place

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Q: How do I get my move in/out or alteration deposit back?
A: After you finish moving in/out, Yury Vinokur emails FirstService to begin the process of requesting the deposit. To follow up, please contact the building's assistant property manager. It takes 10-20 business days to issue a refund check.
Q: If there is a building-related emergency, whom should I contact?
A: We ask that you report building-related maintenance problems that require immediate attention to the front desk via telephone (718-783-6608). During business hours, you can also call management. True emergencies are defined as a threat to life or safety, imminent damage to property, or the loss of an essential service like heat or electricity. Obviously, if someone's life is in danger, call 911 immediately. The Google group is an excellent tool for facilitating communication, but service issues are best reported the old fashioned way, by picking up the phone.
Q: If there is a routine maintenance request, whom should I contact?
A: You can phone the front desk or create a work ticket on the community website: You will need to have your user ID and password to access the site. Please contact the assistant property manager if you do not have one.
Q: Is it my responsibility to maintain the HVAC units in my apartment?
A: You own the individual HVAC units, and therefore the maintenance and repair of the units are your responsibility. It is important that preventative maintenance be performed on the HVAC units at least twice per year to ensure proper operation and avoid leaks and other issues. Without proper cleaning, condensate lines will likely back up and cause serious leaks in your apartment, or in the apartments of others. Backed up lines can also cause mold to grow in any area with standing water. MIH, the service company that maintains the condominium’s cooling towers and other commonly owned infrastructure, is used by most owners. MIH’s number is 212-714-0178. For a competitive quote from another qualified contractor, you can call All-HVAC at 718-833-0148.
Q: What are the hours for the laundry room?
A: The laundry room is open 24 hours a day.
Q: If the washing machines and dryers in the laundry room are not functioning properly, what should I do?
A: Call or email the front desk so that Mac-Gray, the service provider, can be contacted. Alternatively, Mac-Gray's number is posted in the laundry room so you may contact them directly.
Q: If I want to do work in my apartment, do I need to submit paperwork or fees?
A: It depends. If you want to paint a room in your apartment, and you are not bringing in a contractor to do so, you do not need to submit any paperwork. If, however you are working with a general contractor, you will need to fill out forms and submit the required documents and fees. These forms can be obtained on the community website: or by contacting Alex Norwood and Anthony Milstein, who will help you navigate the process.
Q: How do I obtain a purchase or lease application?
A: By visiting then clicking on the online board applications tab in the lower section of the page.
Q: If I want to set up ACH payments so that my common charges are automatically debited from my bank account, how do I sign up?
A: To set up ACH payments, please visit the Clickpay website: Please note that you must have your account number in front of you when you register (the account number can be found on your common charges bill or by calling the assistant property manager). For questions regarding online payments, please visit, email, or call 800-533-7901 and press "Option 1."
Q: If I want to receive my common charges bill via email, how do I sign up?
A: To receive e-statements, please sign up by visiting the e-statements website: Please note that you must have your account number in front of you when you register (the account number can be found on your common charges bill or by calling the assistant property manager).
Q: Are electricity charges covered by the building?
A: No, the building buys electricity at a reduced rate and then bills sub-metered charges to the unit owners. The electricity charges appear on your monthly common charges bill. For additional information regarding sub-metering, please contact Anthony Milstein.
Q: How do I access the building’s community website?
A: By going to: and logging in with your email address and PIN. If you need your PIN reset you can contact the assistant property manager.
Q: How do I obtain a key fob? Which areas of the building does the key fob grant access to? If I lose my key fob, how do I get a new one?
A: You should have received a key fob from the previous owner of your apartment. However, if you need an additional fob, you may purchase a new one from the condominium for $25 (please see Yury Vinokur). The key fob will give you access to the service elevator, laundry room, gym, children's play room, game room and storage rooms, as well as nighttime access to the building.
Q: Where can I store my bicycle?
A: There are two bike storage areas on the 8th floor. These storage areas are for residents who use their bikes frequently. There is also a storage facility on the 6th floor for residents who do not use their bikes often. To store your bike, you will need to sign a license agreement, which you can obtain from the resident manager or the assistant property manager. There is no charge for storing your bike in either of the three bike storage areas.
Q: Do I need to schedule deliveries?
A: Any large deliveries (such as furniture) need to be scheduled with the resident manager.
Q: If I want to have a guest stay in my unit when I am not there, do I need to submit paperwork?
A: Yes, you will need to submit a letter to both Yury Vinokur and the assistant property manager. As an alternative, you may also visit the community website and add a guest to your occupant list.
Q: Is there a real estate tax abatement program in place for One Hanson Place?
A: Each residential unit is receiving real estate tax benefits under the J-51 program. There are two separate benefits granted to property owners under the program. First, there is a 14-year partial exemption from real estate taxes for each unit. The exemption benefit began in tax year 2010 and will expire on June 30, 2024. The exemption benefit reduces the portion of your unit’s assessed value that is subject to the tax rate. The second part of the J-51 benefit is a tax abatement which is applied to reduce the unit’s tax liability. For more information, please call Anthony Milstein.
Q: What are the hours for the 21st and 26th floor lounges?
A: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekdays and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the weekends.
Q: How do I reserve the 21st floor lounge or children's play room?
A: You can request the public space rental agreement from the resident manager, Yury Vinokur, via email.
Q: Am I allowed to smoke on the common terraces?
A: No, you are not allowed to smoke on the common terraces as it is dangerous and a violation of the NYC health code.
Q: Under which circumstances do I need to reserve one of the amenity spaces, particularly the play room?
A: If you want to host a private party or event, you must formally reserve the space by completing the reservation form and giving your fee payment and deposit to the front desk in accordance with the building’s long-standing policy. What is the definition of a private party/event, particularly in the play room? A private party or event could involve inviting several friends and their children to use the play room to celebrate a birthday party during a weekend morning. A private party/event would involve hanging decorations, moving furniture around and/or having organized activities/games. If you want to have this kind of event, you should complete the condo’s reservation form, tender a deposit and pay the fee. This way other owners and their children will not be permitted in the play room for the duration of your party. If you want to host a play date for your child and one or two of his/her friends (and parents or caregivers), you do not need to reserve the room. Since every situation is different and it’s sometimes difficult to categorize an event, we ask that you err on the side of caution and reserve the room if there is any doubt.
Q: How do I recycle old electronics?
A: One Hanson Place voluntarily participates in E-cycleNYC, NYC’s official electronics recycling initiative. Simply place your old electronic equipment (cell phones, computer equipment, etc.) on the floor of the garbage room next to the bins. Building staff will take the old equipment down to the E-cycleNYC bin in the sub-basement and it will be retrieved by the City’s official electronics recycler. Please note that you can only recycle digital electronic equipment, not lamps, toaster ovens, vacuum cleaners, etc. Please do not throw electronic recyclables in the compactor chute!
Q: How do I recycle used clothing?
A: One Hanson Place also participates in “re-Fashion New York,” a combined Housing Works/NYC Department of Sanitation used clothing recycling program. Housing Works has installed a used clothing recycling bin in the building’s laundry room and residents should place used clothing in the bin instead of throwing it down the chute or in the garbage. This is an excellent program that will help New Yorkers in need.
Q: When does the annual meeting take place?
A: The annual meeting is usually held in May.

Any questions that are not answered on this sheet will most likely be found in the House Rules or by checking with Yury Vinokur or with the assistant property manager.